In order to train an automated speech recognition system, first-class language information is required to ensure that your algorithm fully understands and responds to different languages in different environments and contexts. Then you will need a lot of information to teach your version efficiently. Our expertise includes the collection of NLUS, which helps clients teach and evaluate their software to enable them to understand the structure of human language more effectively.


INCN technology utilizes state-of-the-art dataset collection services while providing high quality and efficient services for a wide range of large collections. Our premium services include NLU, set through our top smartphone app. This will be added to our centralized recording in a variety of acoustic environments.

Our language collection includes several types, including:

  • Embedded device
  • Single speaker and multi speaker
  • Good prompt variation
  • Telephony
  • Premium speech modality
  • Resources like text corpora

Our standard collection covers:

  • Transcription & annotation
  • A comprehensive linguistic & cultural research
  • Preparation of script & localization
  • Lexicon entries that match database contents
  • Native speakers crowdsourcing
  • Local & recording of remote speech
  • Quality assurance & project management


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