Customer service
Robotic process automation can help companies better support customers by automating customer contact center tasks such as checking electronic signatures, uploading scanned files, performing data validation, automatic transmission, or automatically rejecting them.
Companies can use robotic process automation to handle processes such as bookkeeping, accounting operations, transaction budgeting, and reporting
Financial Services
Companies specializing in the financial industry can use robotic process automation to fulfill their international trade responsibilities, automatically open and close accounts, manage audit requests, and process claims.
Medical Insurance
Medical companies can use robotic process automation to manage patient records, customer care, patient accounts, medical bills, medical reports, and analysis.
Human Resources
Robotic process automation can be used to automate HR work, such as onboarding and resignation, complementing employee data, and procedures related to timesheet entry.
Supply Chain Management
Companies can use robotic process automation to make purchases, track inventory levels, and process such as shipment monitoring and automated order processing.


Long-term support (LTS) and accelerated RPA time through the latest version of our system
Automate any business process with intelligent, scalable software robots
As described by The Economist, robotic process automation is becoming an important trend.
The world’s top companies are leveraging WorkFusion’s AI-driven platform to automate operations, update customer risk and unleash their expansion.
Pega’s award-winning CRM and digital process automation capabilities are supported by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic automation
NICE Robotics automatically creates financial statement letters by automating the task of collecting customer data from other platforms.

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