Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to increase conversion rates, enhance customer experience, personalize and more


Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to increase conversion rates, enhance customer experience, and provide personalized services.

In a physical store, the customer will ask for help and guidance if needed. Traditional shop owners know that if their products are not easy to find, they will lose customers. Since then they have recognized the value of their customers, so they have taken steps to invest in resources to train their employees and provide a better brand for their products in order to provide a superior experience for their customers.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are currently being used in the retail industry to create a large shopping experience for online customers. Here are some key ways in which machine learning and artificial intelligence support key solutions in the retail industry –

  • Search relevance

Customers who shop online are not suitable to ask the salesperson for the location of a particular product. This is where the search engine appears on the site. The on-site search engine performs the functions of the salesperson. Search results are now more relevant through the interpretation of search queries, the evaluation of online user intent, and the use of information in the training of algorithms, which ultimately leads to a significant increase in sales.

  • Personalized experience

Today, online shoppers want a more personalized online shopping environment. Being able to research online shoppers’ online shopping behaviors, as well as search results and advise them based on that behavior, is a catalyst for building an online shopping environment that creates stronger customer engagement and retains customers.

  • Enhance customer service

The chat bot now plays the role of a virtual shopping assistant. Just like a regular employee, the VSA must be fully trained not only to understand the products in your inventory, but also to understand the keywords and terminology used by online shoppers to search for items on your website. That’s why it’s more important to ensure that live chat robots have the training data they need to run effectively.


With INCN technology, we understand that understanding online shoppers’ intent to inquire and providing very relevant results will enable you to help your on-site shoppers access the products they need faster and significantly increase purchase conversion rates. Similarly, it is important to improve customer service levels by using virtual assistants, which provide guidance during the customer’s shopping experience. INCN Technology helps you create and acquire artificial intelligence solutions optimized for search engines, customer deliveries, etc., using our manually annotated advanced training data.

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