Improve emergency response, defense planning and enforcement through secure data services

Use case

Applications – From national security issues to emergency response, today’s government agencies often implement research programs to design better ways to protect citizens safety by upgrading defenses. Machine learning solutions simply provide governments with the top tools they need to meet these challenges. Again, confidential data is very important, which means that government agencies must work with well-known professionals to meet the needs of all sensitive data. Here are some key ways in which machine learning and safety data services can help key government solutions –

  • Defense

By using social media surveillance, computer vision, and data annotation, agencies of government agencies can now extract information that is extremely important in terrorist surveillance, national security risk monitoring, and more.

  • National emergency

An emergency such as a disaster or a planned attack may occur suddenly without any warning. When life is threatened, it is very important to respond quickly with high precision. Use features such as language translation, speech recognition, text data collection, and rapid emergency response personnel from around the world to better communicate with people at risk.

  • Law enforcement

Secure transcription enables law enforcement to perform many goals, such as obtaining files from video, official and accurate record keeping, and archival solutions.


Whether it’s data annotation, data transcription, or language consulting, INCN technology has the necessary expertise to meet your needs for any type of data. We have a customer base consisting of government agencies, different police forces and local authorities. These customers trust us to meet each of their data needs and provide first-class security services. Our reputation in the artificial intelligence industry continues to grow and is respected. Every INCN technology facility is secure and your data is always protected.

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